Register to Attend the UNAC Conference 2015

The conference opens 5:00 pm Friday, May 8 and closes at 3:30 pm Sunday, May 10.

Registration fees are as follows:
  • Full 3 Day: $50
  • Full 3 Day (Low Income): $25
  • Full 3 Day (Youth/Students under 22): $15
  • 1 Day: $25
  • 1 Day (Low Income): $15 
No one turned away for lack of funds!   
Share/Find rides and housing on the UNAC Conference Exchange Board

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If your organization would like to have a representative on the UNAC Coordinating Committee: please Click Here and fill in the email with the name of your organization and contact info.  Write UNAC CC in the Subject Line of the email.

You can add an additional donation on the Registration form. If you donate $25, you will be listed on the 'Friends' page in our Conference Journal. At the $50 level, you will be listed on the 'Supporters' page of the Journal.

Conference Journal Ads are Closed.  For additional donations of $100 or more, please use the Donate Button on the Sidebar.  
NOTE: Conference Journal greetings and ads are are tax-deductible

Any donation is welcome!  

Conference registration is lower than most national conferences, so please try to include a donation so that more low income and youth activists can attend.
All Donations are Tax Deductible.

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 ** Reserve a Table  All Available Tables have been reserved!**

For details contact:
United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) - Phone: 518-227-6947 - Email:
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